One planted for each article purchased!
One planted for each article purchased!

Sustainable Fashion For All

Sustainable Fashion
For All

Sustainability, Our Promise

Sustainability is a journey and we want to guide you.

This is why we developed a set of criteria that ensure our designers meet the highest standards of ethical and environmental responsibility. Based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, our criteria and vetting process do the work for you, so that you can explore fashion with a clean conscience.

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Help Our Forest Grow

Did you know that we plant trees? Through our partnership with Ecologi we’re able to plant trees that support reforestation projects around the globe. With your help, our forest can continue to flourish. Let’s see what else we can grow!

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Our Merchants

Merchants on RETURE meet our criteria based upon the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We know that no fashion brand is 100% sustainable, but we are not looking for perfection. We champion merchants and designers who can demonstrate transparency in their practices, show responsible sourcing and manufacturing, and, of course, inspire creativity. Learning from featured merchants pushes forward our continuously evolving sustainability agenda and we hope you too will find value from our community.

Fashion and Sustainability

With one in six people on the planet working along the global fashion supply chain, fashion’s social and environmental impact is enormous. Collectively, it is our responsibility to ensure that fashion’s impact is one that is positive on people and planet, helping reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals, such as ending poverty (Goal 1), achieving gender equality (Goal 5), and supporting our natural ecosystems (Goals 14 and 15). Due to our onboarding criteria and partnerships with merchants and designers who prioritise human, environmental and animal welfare, we know fashion can be a powerful force for good and, together, we hope to inspire collective action in building a better world.

Extending Garment Life

Extend the life of your clothes in the most rewarding way. Discover and select from our collective of internationally celebrated designers to upcycle your pre-loved clothes into one of a kind treasures.

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