Eliminate Sustainable Fashion?!

Wait what? Am I on the right website? Your mission is to eliminate sustainable fashion? Yikes.

Yes, friend you are in the right place, but hold on! Of course we don’t want to eliminate sustainability – we are working hard to radically normalise sustainable fashion to the point where the current niche categories of “sustainable” or “conscious” or “eco-friendly” cease to exist because… that is just the global standard. No need for differentiation.

OK. But How?

Glad you asked. We take a 3 pronged approach to normalising sustainable fashion consumption:

  1. Explore more purpose-driven designers, brands and innovators who prioritise human, environmental, and animal welfare. We encourage all to enjoy the search, discover new talents you might not have known before. Learn from them, interact. Sustainability should mean more joy, not less.
  2. Choose well crafted, high-quality fashion which sparks happiness and delivers style and functionality. When you don’t absolutely love your clothes – love the way you feel in them – are you going to take care of them for years to come? Probably not. This is why when making that new purchase, choose something that really gives you the feels. Fashion should be a celebration of you, so go out there and choose something that you adore because you do deserve it.
  3. Make it last by refashioning pre-loved clothes together with exceptional design talent. Our roots lie in upcycling (did you know we started as the world’s first fashion upcycling platform?) and truly believe that there is no more creative, fun, or rewarding way to extend the life of clothes. Upcycling does not mean shortening a hem or sewing on a button (although repairs and alterations are equally important) – it means turning an old garment into something fantastically new. An evening dress into a jumpsuit! A blazer into a skirt! A jacket into a handbag! This zero-waste practice guarantees you receive a one of a kind garment made from your own reworked clothes. Not only are you preserving the memories of that garment, you inject it with new life thanks to the talent and vision of an extraordinary design talent. The best part? You are collaborating together with another human being and get a behind the scenes look at the design process.

Nice! I’m in, but what do you actually mean by sustainable? Lots of brands out there are greenwashing and use all of these fancy terms. How do I know you practice what you preach?

We couldn’t agree more. According to Lyst, there has been a 75% increase for sustainable fashion searches since 2018 (!!) meaning lots of brands are hopping onto the bandwagon. This is great news if transparency is increasing and practices are becoming more green, but slapping a few keywords onto your Instagram feed is certainly not enough.

Next to our Bespoke upcycling service which encourages clients to revive or customise their own garments (the most sustainable garment is indeed already in your wardrobe), our Boutique features designers and merchants that must meet our criteria based upon the UN Sustainable Development Goals and principles for radical transparency emphasising where products were made and who made them. All partners on RETURE must provide evidence of using conscious materials (including second-hand and upcycled pieces), being community positive, and implementing green processing. Of course we do not allow any virgin-synthetics onto the marketplace.

We certainly do not pretend to have all of the answers regarding human, environmental and animal welfare, but we are grateful to listen and learn from YOU, and update our criteria based on feedback. Please contact us to share your perspectives on our current practices, ongoing research, or any recommendations you’d like to see us implement.

Alright. Chill. * starts scrolling through * Bespoke designers *

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