The Forgotten Jacket

From neglected mid-length jacket, into A-Line skirt and cropped Bolero jacket

Doing the seasonal clean out of my wardrobe, packing away my winter clothes to make room for my more vibrant summer dresses, I stumbled upon an old blue and green patterned jacket crumbled together in the back corner. Did I ever wear this? I didn’t even remember buying it – it was probably my mom’s I thought. Slipping it on, I couldn’t help but gasp seeing my reflection in the mirror. The jacket looked terrible on me – it hung lifeless over my shoulders. What a shame because the pattern was really lovely.

Instead of reselling it, I chose to upcycle the piece with designer Anna Schuster who I found on RETURE. Looking through her profile, I immediately loved her feminine style. Connecting over the video consultation, Anna suggested we turn this rather lifeless jacket into 2 pieces: an A-Line skirt and cropped Bolero jacket. I would then have the option to wear both together like a skirt-suit made famous by Chanel or choose to mix and max with other pieces in my wardrobe.

Her design brief specified that she would:
– Separate the jacket into two parts
– Top part will be turned into a bolero shaped small jacket, plus adding a button
– Bottom part will be turned into a skirt

I was extremely pleased with the final result, as both pieces fit my lifestyle being a young professional. Both skirt and jacket are refined and elegant, but have such personality due to the pattern and the added details thanks to Anna. I am so glad that I feel as if I have bought something completely new, but it is something I already owned and has gained this new life!

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