The Gingham Dress

From a dear Grandmother’s handmade dress, into a shirt, bag, scrunchie, and face mask

Upcycling cost: £110

“It was so great working with Freya [Simonne], I feel she really listened to what I wanted and understood how important the piece was to me. I really think my Grandma would have been so amazed to see what [Freya] did and would have loved her clothes getting a new lease of life – that was the most important to me.”

“I love all the items and I’m just annoyed that I haven’t been able to really wear them anywhere. I would definitely upcycle more often and it’s inspired me to do my own bit where I can (I upcycled some sofa fabric samples into coasters). I would recommend RETURE to my friends who are conscious of this type of thing.”

– Rachel (London)

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