What We Do

RETURE is the world’s first premium fashion upcycling platform. The digital platform offers a bespoke upcycling service, that enables clients to connect and collaborate with world-class designers to revive their preloved garments. Additionally, it offers an online boutique, where clients can buy upcycled garments or accessories from cutting-edge, sustainably driven design talents.

By connecting client and designer, RETURE places collaboration, craft, and creativity at the core of the fashion revival process, and aims to grow the practice of upcycling as a key pillar in modern-day fashion consumption.

Therefore, everything done at RETURE is based on 3 defining objectives:

1. To preserve human craft in the digital age. RETURE supports the ambitions of both established and emerging designers by giving them the platform to directly sell and/or repurpose upcycled fashion to a global audience.

2. To extend the life of garments. RETURE keeps garments out of landfills, where clients can either purchase upcycled fashion on the boutique or upcycle their own garments directly with a designer through our bespoke service.

3. To rediscover our communities. RETURE helps you discover creative talents in your area, strengthening local relationships.

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Supporting Fashion’s Next Generation

RETURE was founded with the purpose of preserving craft in the digital age, which is why we support the ambitions of both established and emerging designers to develop their businesses and further positive change. We see upcycling not only as a solution to keeping our clothing out of landfills, but as a genuine expression of a designer’s creativity and ingenuity; celebrating individual style. When you choose to upcycle with a designer on RETURE, you choose to directly support the skills and talents of another human being without creating additional waste.

We believe the future of fashion is a catalyst for good – for people and planet.

RETURE co-founders


Nina is a trained ethnographer, with a background in academia and fashion journalism. She teaches at London College of Fashion and regularly comments on the business of fashion in relation to sustainability and technology.


Robin is a technologist with a strong interest in sustainability who has held executive roles at Google and startups in the US and Switzerland. He has built teams to develop and operate web-based and mobile products for consumer and business users.


James has a background in computer science and human computer interaction. He specialises in front-end development and user experience design, having studied and worked across Switzerland, the UK, and China.

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