Bespoke FAQ

One of our founding principles is to preserve human craft in the digital age, by supporting fashion designers in furthering their own businesses. Therefore, it is our priority to ensure designers directly benefit from being on the RETURE platform. Firstly, RETURE supports fashion designers by connecting them directly with a global audience – meaning designers are able to promote and showcase their work and build relationships with a growing client base. Secondly, designers are able to learn from clients’ changing needs and wants, and can develop their own craft and aesthetics. Thirdly, designers receive 80% of each RETURE payment, which is exceedingly higher than wholesale. Finally, designers have the flexibility to price their own services as well as reject and accept client refashioning requests. The designer holds control to run their own businesses, using RETURE to further their goals.

RETURE emphasises quality and craft over speed, but the designer will ensure your piece is completed during the agreed timeframe established in the design brief. An express service may be requested at a higher cost.

Although we recommend working with your local tailor for garment repairs or alterations, size alterations may be part of the refashioning process. We suggest that for shortening garments, including trouser hems or sleeves, you turn the hem over and pin the item with a single safety pin, marking to the designer the new length you’d like. To resize your garment, we suggest including a clearly marked additional garment for the designer to copy. As an example, for a t-shirt alteration, send the designer your favorite, best fitting t-shirt to copy from. Additionally, you can share measurements with your designer during your online consultation or using the chat.

The online consultation is an essential step in reviving your garments into refashioned treasures. Via an online video call, you will speak with the designer about your expectations and requirements, and the designer is able to share their creative vision. As a result from your 30 minute consultation, a design brief will be finalised and will include the service invoice. 

You and the designer will be able to reschedule online consultation appointments via the calendar feature. If you miss a scheduled consultation appointment you risk the designer rejecting your service, as well as all further service requests. In the extremely rare case that a designer misses a consultation, you may cancel your request or receive a discount on your service. For any concerns please contact support@reture.net.

Arrangements may be made directly with your designer. However, we suggest that you send your garments using a track and sign for service, and add insurance to cover them on the way to the designer. Clients and designers may choose to use home collection services or courier services to send your items. MyHermes and Royal Mail are both fully operating and offering delivery services across the UK. Royal Mail’s post office opening hours may vary by location so be sure to check with your local branch. If you’re dropping off at a MyHermes ParcelShop, click here to find the nearest open store to you. 

Online payments are all made to RETURE. Before sending your garment to be refashioned, you will send a deposit as a confirmation to the design brief agreed upon by yourself and the designer. The deposit is equal to either the material cost or  25% of the estimated price of your refashioned garment – whichever is higher. You will pay the rest of the invoice once the garment has been completed and you confirm that it meets the agreed services in the design brief.

Sit back and relax! The designer will send you your refashioned garment.

Due to the online consultation and ability to confirm the designer has met the agreed upon design brief, it is extremely rare to not be happy with your custom piece. If your garment does not meet the agreed design brief, please contact support@reture.net to either request further alterations by the designer or a request for a full refund.

Yes, it is safe to refashion using  RETURE. The World Health Organization is continuously updating information on advice as new developments arise. To stay informed on COVID-19 and to read their full FAQ, please visit the World Health Organization.

If you are sending garments internationally, we suggest you follow evolving communications from your shipment provider. Below are links to the expected shipment impact for Royal Mail, MyHermes.

Royal Mail


Boutique FAQ

Discover unique refashioned garments and accessories by designer or by category (such as womenswear or accessories). Check back regularly as many pieces are “one off” items and have a high turnover.

RETURE uses Stripe to process payments.

Each designer on RETURE sets their own return policy. Please carefully check the return policy of the designer you purchased from.

RETURE is a global marketplace for refashioned fashion and accessories. Shipping is individually defined by each designer. You can find a designer’s shipping information on their shop page.

Yes, it is safe to use RETURE. The World Health Organization is continuously updating their advice as new developments arise. To stay informed on COVID-19 and to read their full FAQ, please visit the World Health Organization

For more information on how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, please consult your local health authority: 

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