One planted for each article purchased!
One planted for each article purchased!

Merchant Biography

Launched in 2019, Joshua James Small has showcased under The British Fashion Council’s London Fashion Week, as well as showcased in Shenzhen under YINGER, and presented digitally at Helsinki Fashion Week. His work has been worn by Rita Ora, Oh Wonder, and Griff, and has been published in Glamour, Notion, Wonderland, and Hunger, among a list of other titles. His work has also been referenced in multiple publications including FORBES, Vogue Italia, V Magazine, and Tank.

 Notable for his commitment to sustainability and conscious design, Small produces immersive high end womenswear. He creates concepts that inspire escapism through complex and precise pattern cutting. Conscious design practice is at the core of Small’s brand, with transparency being paramount to producing a sustainable output. For this reason, all components of each garment are listed through his website at date of release. His work is created from a combination of organic fibres and ethically produced material, as well as upcycled dead-stock fabric supplied by companies including consistent sponsors Swarovski, Sophie Hallette, and Ultrafabrics. All garments are designed and made in England, and pieces are produced on a made-to-order basis, ensuring that each garment is responsibly manufactured.

 Outside of design, Small is a skilled writer for various heavyweight British publications. He has previously worked collaboratively with non-profit organisation Fashion Revolution, and remains forefront of the sustainable conversation, both as a brand, and as an individual.

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