One planted for each article purchased!
One planted for each article purchased!

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Valentina Karellas focuses on zero waste knitted garments, focusing on surplus yarns and fully fashioned design. Unisex made to order knitwear that lasts.



Valentina Karellas’ commitment is to source yarns and knitting materials that are surplus, using this reduces the negative impact on the environment from wastage.


Made in London:

The business uses a linear approach to the making process, this reduces the carbon footprint as well as focusing on the final garments quality, making no compromises to the finish. Meaning, each piece is made from start to finish by one maker.


Reuse & Reinvent:

Through a dedication to collecting every fibre that is produced in our making process, Valentina Karellas’ commitment to sustainable production means that nothing is left behind. Any scrap yarn is turned into accessories, celebrating the fibre in a new light.


Valentina knitting machine


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