Sustainable Garment Care Tips

Ahead of COP26 kicking off next week, the global need as well as personal desire to each do our fair share for the planet has never been greater. With information overload on how to live more sustainably as well as feeling quite helpless given the scale of the environmental challenges we face as a society, it is hard to know where to start in order to make a difference. What can we actually DO in our day to day practice that makes a positive impact on people and the planet? For starters, by extending the life of a garment by an extra 9 months you can reduce your carbon, waste, and water footprints by 20-30%! That being said, the way we treat and care for the garments we already own makes a huge difference.

Here are our Top Sustainable Garment Tips which are #GoodToKnow:

  1. Wash your denim every 10-15 wears and, in the meantime, put them in the freezer between wears! Not only does it kill the bacteria that builds on well-worn jeans but it makes them feel funky fresh, without affecting the fade or overall integrity of the jeans. Super cool.
  2. Fold your garments along the seams to avoid those unwanted wrinkles and to maintain the shape of the item.
  3. Opt for wooden hangers as plastic or wire hangers can stretch out the shoulders of your garments, leaving you with saggy clothes. *Sigh* For an ultra sustainable solution, invest in some bamboo hangers, which are made in the same shape and style as wooden hangers, but are biodegradable. Score!
  4. Dance party > Ironing. If you don’t NEED to iron, this is the universe telling you DON’T! Steam your garments instead by hanging them in the bathroom while you take a hot shower.
  5. Learn basic repairs. Learn to complete basic repairs on your garments such as replacing a missing button or stitching a pesky tear. It will make your garments last longer and save you a ton of money (which you can spend on some one of a kind upcycling!)
  6. Invest in some eco-friendly delicates bags as they help your delicate undies and garments to maintain their shape, avoid stretched straps and overall help them last longer. Our favourites are from Guppyfriend!
  7. Balance is key in all parts of life, even when using your washing machine! Under-filling it is a waste of water, but overfilling it will mean that your clothes don’t wash properly and that they will rub against each other, causing fade and even damage.
  8. Wash dark coloured clothes and printed t-shirts inside out to preserve their colour and avoid cracking and fading
  9. Choose natural and refillable laundry detergents – we love Smol!
  10. Get to know your garment care labels. In the UK alone clothing labels use over 40 different care symbols (!!), and understanding these will help us to wash, dry and care for our clothes to get the most out of them. Definitely #goodtoknow
    • Basin Symbol: Washing instructions – tells you maximum safe washing temperature and the washing method i.e. hand wash, machine washable
    • Triangle symbol: Bleaching – whether bleaching is allowed and which bleach to use
    • Square Symbol: Natural drying – whether a garment should be dried flat, on the line, in the sun or in the shade
    • Square With Dot Symbol: Drying method – how a garment should be dried (remember that air drying can be used for most clothes and is less harsh on clothes, the environment and our water bills!)
    • Ironing Symbols – indicates ironing temperature range, and whether steam should be applied
    • Circle Symbol: Professional care – dry clean only or do not dry clean and which solvents should be used
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