Upcycling Services

By upcycling the garments you already have in your wardrobe, you choose made to measure over mass-production. You are minimising the harmful social and environmental impacts of fashion, maximising personalised style. Each designer featured on RETURE specialises in the craftsmanship of diverse materials and is able to revive an old garment into something you love, injecting their own aesthetic and vision.


To transform a garment for a different purpose from the one that was originally intended. Scarves into a dress? Denim jeans into a Denim jacket? The possibilities are endless.

Photo by TOM-O

Creative Lining

To cover the inside of a garment with added material (e.g. a blazer or a skirt). Why not line your favourite blazer with a colourful silk shirt (that no longer fits!).

Photo by Lizzie Clark


To add or change the colour of a garment. Perhaps revive a faded, washed out dress with a splash of colour?

Photo by Cavan Jayne


To add custom details to a garment including patchwork and crochet additions. Personality can be added to wardrobe staples in many forms!

Photo by Liam Hodges

Embroidery And Beading

To decorate a garment by sewing patterns on it with thread and/or beads and sequence.

Photo by Joao Maraschin


To paint (or draw) onto a garment (e.g. graffiti). Add a message or motif to your garments, for a unique take on customisation.

Photo by AMESH

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